If I moved out of Brazil, I would leave my clothes behind and take rapadura and tapioca with me

An interview.

Humus & Hortense

A restaurant review.

“Three weeks only have passed but I already feel at home in this scarred place where homogeneity does not stand a chance, where every building looks out of place and so, incidentally, I find mine.”

On Rotterdam.

“Less than half an hour away from the border, in the prolungation of the french riviera, there is a village sitting high above the mediterranean sea. “

A story of travel, food and friendship.

It could be found in light, in darkness, or a balance of the two, in romanticism or in dirt, in the lines of Sylvia Plath or in the warmth of a café, it is everywhere if we dare look at it.

As I gulped down what might have been my fifth caipirinha - they were exceptionally cheap and it was my birthday - I recall saying « If I were to die tonight, this is exactly where I would want to be, drinking cheap caipirinhas with you in orange plastic chairs ».

" In my home I am always the one cooking but I never thought « Fuck, where has my feminism gone? ».

Nora Bouazzouni, author of "Faiminism"